When we began our search for a home in the Santa Fe NM area, we were extraordinarily lucky to meet Claire Lange, the real estate agent listed on the first house that we decided to explore. We lived out of state and were complete neophytes to the Santa Fe real estate scene. Over the next two and a half years, whenever we could we would go to Santa Fe, and Claire would have houses for us to visit. She would listen carefully to our comments and use them to inform her search for the next time we arrived in town. She was always patient with us, clearly knowledgeable about the area, and just generally wonderful to work with. We love the home that we found with Claire's help and truly appreciated her expertise as we went through the contract and purchasing process.

- Santa Fe Newbies


In 2006 we bought a lovely Santa Fe home. Claire was our agent. She was most helpful in introducing us to the area (we came from Washington State.) Claire explained the neighborhood to us and described its history. Claire helped us negotiate an acceptable price and we proceeded to acquire it. The house had issue with the defective Entran floor heating system. Claire did clarify everything before we bought the house. Within a year or so after the purchase we learned that there was a class action suit against the company who installed the Entran in the floor heating system. This case was eventually concluded. Claire assisted us with our claim. The previous owners had already received money although they had not made known about the suit to us. This assistance from Claire helped our claim as she was the only witness to the actions of the previous owners and the realtor who had represented them. This resulted in our obtaining a monetary settlement. We appreciated Claire’s assistance through all the purchase and suit resolution processes and hope to work with her again.

- D. Ritchie


I have worked with Claire over 10 years and have found both her taste and business acumen to be impeccable. She has saved me a lot of money and has done so with not only great knowledge but great grace. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell property in the Santa Fe area!

- SF Hombre


I have worked with Claire for over ten years and find her local knowledge superb, her passion for structures exceptional, her follow-through beyond expectations, and her wisdom on how best to negotiate invaluable. She has designed a guest house, a garage, an entry, a pergola, and most recently a complete renovation of an adobe house, all on three different properties. In association with those designs she has represented the project before the Historical Review Board and pulled the permits. She has negotiated two residential purchases and one sale on my behalf. Our current project is the renovation of a double adobe on the east side of Santa Fe with the goal of reselling it at a profit. I cannot recommend anyone else more highly than I recommend Claire.

- S.J. Larson


Claire Lange helped us buy our wonderful home in Santa Fe very close to the historic downtown plaza. The deal was a bit complicated with a combination of conventional and seller financing but Claire helped us navigate through the escrow and documentation process flawlessly and painlessly. She procured responsible contractors and engineers to assist in the investigation of the house during the escrow period. Once escrow closed, she has continued to be available and responsive to us as a source for referral to quality designers, contractors and tradespeople to assist us in making improvements or repairs to the home over time. In additional to being a knowledgeable and trusted real estate professional, Claire is a friendly, charming and beautiful person.

- R. Hart


I have known Claire for 24 years. During that period of time she successfully helped me buy and sell a number of houses in Santa Fe. The most recent sale was during this most difficult real estate market. Claire represented both the buyer and the seller, myself. I was amazed at the way she was able to manage everything to the satisfaction of both parties. It was accomplished with tremendous finesse and hard work. I really did not think my house would sell. Claire has an intuitive sense when it comes to finding the perfect property for each prospective buyer. She will not waste time showing unsuitable homes. She deeply understands what clients want and need. I highly recommend Claire Lange for all your real estate needs. She is truly a lovely person to work with.

- H. McCormack


I was referred to Claire Lange in the spring of 2000 when I started my search for a home in Santa Fe. She and I began searching for a home and I was immediately impressed with Claire's knowledge of neighborhoods, homes and builders. She guided me in seeing the positive attributes of each home, in terms of function, suitability for my needs, and quality of construction and components. In addition, she was able to point out various shortfalls, as well as substandard materials and construction. She had/has a keen eye for every imaginable detail relating to single family home construction and I benefited enormously from her acumen.

Claire Lange is a real estate pro in every sense of the word. In addition, her honesty and integrity were, frankly, unparalleled in my many experiences with builders and real estate people over my quite long lifetime.

- Elizabeth Simon


Claire was invaluable in the procurement of my house every step of the way. She was available to me at all times and was a wealth of information during the negotiations, the buy, and afterward when I needed information and referrals, etc with regard to finding knowledgeable and qualified help with upgrading and repairs, insurance, and really pretty much everything I needed, as I was new to Santa Fe. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Santa Fe area!

- D. Humbert


I have worked with Claire both buying and selling 2 homes. By all accounts these two properties we sold were pretty 'unsellable' though charming to me. Claire understood EXACTLY what was needed in each case to find new buyers who would continue to love these homes as I did. She took care of me as well as the needs of the new buyers when appropriate.

I consider her highly intuitive, intelligent and capable and cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Cathy Aten


Claire is pure intention. Being a woman of such integrity, she removes all obstacles in the way of her client's dreams. She sold my house in an impossible market and found me a property that has me waking each day with a quiet whisper of gratitude.

- Cathy Aten


Claire Lange was invaluable in our search for a home in Santa Fe two years ago. We were not easy clients. We had unusual search criteria, we were on a tight budget and we were just plain particular, but we also needed to find a home quickly. We were traveling from Arizona to look at homes and we had a young child in tow with the limited interest and attention span of any other young child.

Claire promptly got a feel for our needs and desires and went to work. She took us to see a Lot of houses and helped us to critique each one. She was very good at seeing the details of each property, both positive and not so positive. She rode of the waves of our angst, our uncertainty, and our moving-induced stress like a pro. She even entertained our daughter when she and we were at the end of our respective ropes. When we did not find our new home right away, we felt discouraged. But Claire remained ever-optimistic and patiently watched the MLS.

Claire truly went the extra mile for us. I'll never forget the morning she called and said "I found your house." It had come on the market that morning. Claire was at the house by 9:30 or 10 am taking photographs. They were promptly e-mailed to us. We made a long-distance offer and the house was ours that afternoon. Two days later, we came to town to look at the property, and it immediately felt like home.

But outstanding service did not stop at the close of escrow. Since we moved in, Claire has continued to refer us to many professionals who have helped us to maintain and refine our home to suit our particular needs.

Claire Lange has been an indispensable resource for our family. In case it is not apparent, I wholeheartedly recommend her.

-Janice Olch Santa Fe, NM


It was a pleasure to work with a person of such integrity. Claire is Calm, organized, detail-oriented, responsible and responsive.

-Liz and Bob Wertheim


Claire Lange is the finest real estate agent and one of the finest people I have ever known. Her main concern is that the property meets her clients needs.

In spite of the title search stating all was in order, it was discovered after closing that the title company had made an error. Although her role as my agent was already fulfilled, Clare supported me throughout the process of requesting reimbursement from the title insurer. Thanks to her efforts, a very adequate insurance reimbursement was forthcoming. I unequivocally recommend Claire Lange to anyone in need of an honest and caring real estate agent

- Greg Kroll


Claire Lange facilitated the selling of my home and the purchase of my dream home. She is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and organized. She maintained a very calm and helpful attitude throughout the entire process, which significantly reduced any stress I was feeling.

-Pat Calloway