The Art of Retreat

Stunning property with views that will take your breathe away!
Stunning property with views that will take your breath away!

How would you define or create a sacred space of your own? One definition of retreat is ‘a place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security’ (and perhaps the word heavenly should be added as well)!

For me, this question came to mind, when I first visited this magnificent Santa Fe property that has inspired me to rethink what the look of sacred space and the feel of retreat can be! If I could describe retreat, it would be this stunning Cerro Gordo property that personifies what I would call, the art of retreat and so much more! Who wouldn’t want that?

HEAVENLY does indeed best describe this exquisite two bedroom guest house located in the foothills of Santa Fe minutes from downtown. There is nothing available in today’s market that matches it for the feeling of peace, the sense of being held, and the pristine view of the Atalaya Mountains across the valley. This property is perfect for someone looking for a retreat, a sanctuary, a place where one can rest and be restored.

Cozy sitting space by the warmth of a fire!
Cozy sitting space by the warmth of a fire!

With winter approaching, I think of how we naturally are drawn to move inward, how the cozy warmth of a fire can comfort the soul, and how a place of quiet solitude can help us to begin again with each new day. Imagine feeling the calm and serene of a personal retreat right at home, and all with the view of majestic mountains by your side. What a feeling! Tranquility and beyond……I am renewed!